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Text Box: Homeschool Melting Pot     	October 2007/ Last One 
Text Box: Lisa Bernauer is graciously hosting the Halloween party.  Her home is located at 4201 Quadrel Ave.  If you haven’t been there before you can get directions when you RSVP.
Activities planned include a cakewalk/cupcake walk for the little guys.  If you want your child to participate in the cake walk please let Lori Know when you RSVP, and bring a cake to the party.  Costumes are welcome and ad to the fun, but not required.  There will be a touch and feel box.  Face painting and gingerbread houses to decorated.  Of course bring candy to give out for the kids, as at the end of the party we do a trick or treat walk.  Other party games will be planned.  Please if you are interested in hosting a party game let Lori know what you’d like to do when you RSVP  Lori Kephart 
Text Box: Ending of the group

Science Fair in November

As one of our last group activities we will be holding a science fair Nov 15, 2004 from 1pm until 4pm.  This will be held at the Clark County Library at Flamingo and Maryland pkwy.  Bring your science display and set it up.  Ribbons will be awarded.  While we wait for judging we will be doing science activities.  Please RSVP to either Ruthy at 432-0175 or or Zoe=Anne Brazda at 562-0152 or

There has been very few RSVP’s as of yet for the science fair.  If you are considering dong a project please RSVP,  If there aren’t more participants the event will be cancelled.

As you may already know it’s been voted upon that the group will be disbanding.  There will no longer be a Homeschool Melting Pot support group as we once knew it.  The email loop however will remain open for people to write and ask questions and share comments.  The poll that ended last week was for the group funds to be donated after the parties.   If you have been a member of the group in the last yr please try to attend these last few functions.  Even those of you who may have not participated earlier in the year are welcome to attend.  

New Forum                                  There is a new place for homeschoolers in NV to talk.   You will need to go to the site and register, you will get a verification email, click the link in the email, then you will be ready to post.  Your email and information will not be shared.  This is a forum, check out what everyone is saying, and add your comments.  If you have questions feel free to post.  If you still want to get your info in email– that is still an option.  You can “subscribe” to threads or whole forums.  If there is any post it will go to your email,  just like with yahoo, but you only get the ones you want.  If you are not interested in a subject you won’t have to sift through it to find the info you want.

Halloween Party

If you don’t have a computer at home, please remember you can use the computers at the library for free.  You can get an email address free and check out the HS groups in at