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The Home school Melting Pot is run solely by itís members.†††† We all do our part to make it great for all of our children.††††† Field Trips:OPEN ††††††††††Newsletter:Ruthy Wayne/indef†††††† Web Site :Ruthy Wayne/indef††††† Bowling :††† Julie Kaiser /indef†††††††††††† Roller Skating : OPEN ††††Voice mail:  Sharon Finley / Sara G-May-?†††††††† Answer email:Talina†† May-Dec††††††††† Membership:Cheryl Schwarz††† Treasurer:Terri Howard††††††† Asst Treasure r: Laura Farina††† Moderators: ††† Zoe-Anne Brazda,,Elissa Wahl†††††††† Field Trip coordinator: Monica Alca††††††††† A big thank you to all of our past volunteers.†† Theymake it all possible.

Voice Mailó If you have been in the group 6 months and you still need to fulfill your required contribution to the group, this might be just right for you.†† You need to contact Sharon Finelyfor voicemail instructions.This goes in3 month rotations.


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Volume 6, Issue 7

Homeschoolers Skating†† Date: Friday, July 16th, 2004 9:30AM - 12:00PM†† Open to all home schooling families (Pass the word!) at Crystal Palace on Rancho (between Cheyenne and Craig) $4 per skater, includes skate rental (you may also rent inline/hockey skates for  an additional $5, or bring your own inlines for free)To connect the growing population of home schooling families across the valley & it's fun for EVERYONE in your family or group.Just a friendly reminder to ensure a good time is had by all. Plan to remain at the skating rink with your child(ren) of ALL ages.  This is not a time to drop them off, even though you may feel comfortable doing this at other times with older children. It is crucial for everyone's well being that it not happen during this time.  You may be needed in case of injury OR I even hate to mention handle the misbehavior of your beloved offspring. :)Any questions? Call: Melinda Hotman 657-6478

Silver Mesa Rec Center 4025 Allen Lane, NLV 89032  (about 3 blocks East of Craig & Decatur)  Is open to homeschoolers  once a week  11:00 - 12:00pm on  Fridays  Cost: *ONE TIME* fee of $3 for an I.D. card. After that, this activity is FREE come out and enjoy some structured activities.   Dress your children in loose fitting, comfortable clothing

Home Schoolevents around Town

4th of July

Most people in the United States celebrate the 4th of July, but do you know exactly why the holiday is so important to our country? Imagine how you would feel if someone older than you (maybe an older sister or brother) kept telling you what to do all of the time and kept taking more and more of your allowance. That is how the colonists felt in the years leading up to 1776. Great Britain kept trying to make the colonists follow more rules and pay higher taxes. People started getting mad and began making plans to be able to make their own rules. They no longer wanted Great Britain to be able to tell them what to do, so they decided to tell Great Britain that they were becoming an independent country. (To be independent means to take care of yourself, making your own rules and providing for your own needs.)

The Congress met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they appointed a committee (a group of people working together to do a specific job) to write a formal document that would tell Great Britain that the Americans had decided to govern themselves. The committee asked Thomas Jefferson to write a draft (first try) of the document, so he worked for days, in absolute secret, until he had written a document that he thought said everything important that the committee had discussed. On June 28, 1776, the committee met to read Jefferson's "fair" copy (he put his best ideas together and wrote them neatly.) They revised (made some changes) the document and declared their independence on July 2, 1776. They officially adopted it (made it theirs) on July 4, 1776. That is why we call it "Independence Day." Congress ordered that all members must sign the Declaration of Independence and they all began signing the "official" copy on August 2, 1776. In January of the next year, Congress sent signed copies to all of the states.