This is a list of books in order of Lexile Score.   Lexile is a system of rating books by order reading difficulty.  That is the complexity of the sentences and the difficulty of the words.  For more information on Lexiles and a site to where you can look up the Lexiles of other books click here 

  Adult-Directed (AD).   A text designated as "AD" is one designed to be read to or with readers. The following guidelines should be used when examining an "AD" text:   

 Texts designated as "AD" are useful when reading to a group and can be used to improve listening comprehension skills (e.g., making predictions, engaging in discussion, identifying meaning, and acquiring vocabulary).

For more information about Lexiles and a chart to cross reference the Lexile score and the appropriate grade level click here 

The majority of the books here are Award winners.  If you have more books that you would like to suggest send me the titles

Title Author Newberry  Caldecott  Lexile Score
The Snowy Day Keats, Ezra   63 AD500
500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, The Dr Seuss     AD520
Jumanji Allsburg, Chris   82 AD620
Rapunzel Zelinsky, Paul   98 AD700
Sylvester and the Magic Pebble Steig, William   70 AD700
Where the Wild Things Are  Sendak, Morise     AD740
Snowflake Bentley Martin, Jacqueline   99 AD830
When I Was Young in the Mountains Rylant, Cynthia     AD980
One Fine Day Hogrogian, Nonny   72 AD1080
Saint George and the Dragon Hodges, Margaret   85 AD1080
Ox-Cart Man Hall Donald   80 AD1130
Hey Al Yorinks, Arthur   87 320
Smoky Night Buting, Eve   95 360
Hershel and the Hanukah Goblins Kimmel, Eric     400
The Glorious Flight: Across the Channel  Provensen, Alice & Martin   84 460
Arrow to the Sun McDermott, Gerald   75 480
Officer Buckle and Gloria Rathmann, Peggy   96 510
Sam, Bangs & Moonshine Ness, Evaline   67 510
The Polar Express Alsburg, Chris   86 520
Fables Lobel, Arnold   81 540
Shadow  Cendrars, Blaise   83 550
Sarah, Plain & Tall MacLachlan, Patricia 86   560
Superfudge Blume, Judy     560
Carry on, Mr. Bowditch Latham, Jean 56   570
Whipping Boy Fleischman, Sid 87   570
The Funny Little Woman Lafcadio Hearn Mosel, Arlene   73 570
Mirette on the High Wire McCully, Emily   93 580
Black and White Macaulay, David   91 610
A Year Down Yonder Peck, Richard 2001   610
MC Higgins the Great Hamilton, Virginia 75   620
Owl Moon Yolen, Jane   88 630
Strawberry Girl Lenski, Lois 46   650
Holes Sachar, Louis 99   660
The Girl who Loved Wild Horses Goble, Paul   79 670
Lon Po Po Young, Ed   90 670
Number the Stars Lowry, Lois 90   670
Grapes of Wrath, The  Steinbeck, John     680
Charlotte's Web White, E.B.     680
Golem Wisniewski, David   97 690
From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler Konigsburg, E. L.  68   700
Secret of the Andes Clark, Ann 53   710
The Wheel on the School DeJong, Meindert 55   710
Onion John Krumgold, Joseph 60   710
Diceys Song Voigt, Cynthia 83   710
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Dahl, Roald     720
A Wrinkle in Time L'Engle, Madeline 63   740
Soup Newton, Robert     740
Shadow of a Bull Wojciechowska 65   740
Miracle on Maple Hill Sorensen, Virginia 57   750
The Westing Game Raskin, Ellen 79   750
The Bronze Bow Speare, Elizabeth 62   760
The Giver Lowry, Lois 94   760
Walk Two Moons Creech, Sharn 95   770
Sign of the Beaver Speare, Eilizabeth 84 Honnor   770
Why Mosquitoes Buzz I People's Ears Aardema Verna   76 770
Song and Dance Man Ackerman Karen   89 780
Crispin: The Cross of Lead Avi 2002   780
And Now Miguel Krumgold, Joseph 54   780
Indian in the Cupboard, The Banks, Lynne     780
Borrowers, The Norton, Mary     780
Cricket it Times Square, The Selden, George     780
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH O;Brien, Robert 72   790
Bridge to Terabithia Paterson, Katherine 78   810
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dahl, Roald     810
The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship Ransome, Arthur   69 810
Maniac Magee Spinelli, Jerry 91   820
Summer of the Swans Byars, Betsy 71   830
King of the Wind Henry, Marguerite 49   830
Johny Tremain Forbes, Esthers 44   840
For Whome the Bell Tolls  Hemingway, Ernest     840
Crime and Punishment Fyodor, Dostoevsky     850
Witch of Blackbird Pond Speare, Eilizabeth 59   850
Sounder Armstron, William 71   860
Julie of the Wolves George, Jean 73   860
Duffy and the Devil Zemach, Harve   74 860
Miss Hickory Bailey, Carolyn 47   870
The View From Saturday Koninsburg,  E.L. 97   870
James and the Giant Peach Dahl, Roald     870
Jacob Have I Loved Paterson, Katherine 81   880
Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis 92   890
Ashanti to Zulu Musgrove,  Margaret   77 900
Sounder Armstrong, William 70   900
The High King Alexander, Lloyd 69   900
Rifles for Waite Keith, Harold 58   910
Dear Mr Henshaw Cleary, Beverly 84   910
A Single Shard Park, Llinda Sue 2001   920
Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry Taylor, Mildred 77   920
The Grey King Cooper, Susan 76   930
Bud, Not Buddy Curtis, Christopher 2000   950
Adventures of Tom Sawyer Twain, Mark     950
A Gathering of Days Blos, Joan 80   960
Tales Mummies Tell Lauber, Patricia     970
Alexander, Very Bad Day Viorst, Judith     970
The Slave Dancer Fox, Paula 74   970
Missing May Rylant, Cynthia 93   980
Ginger Pye Estes, Eleanor 52   990
The Door in the Wall Angeli, Marguerite 50   990
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain, Mark     990
Island of the Blue Dolphin O'Dell, Scott 61   1000
Rabbit Hill Lawson, Robert 45   1050
The Twenty-One Balloons P'enne, William 48   1070
Amos Fortune, Free Man Yates, Elizabeth 51   1090
I, Juan de Pareja Borton, Elizabeth 66   1100
The Hero and the Crown McKinley, Robin 85   1120
Up a Road Slowly Hunt, Irene 67   1130
Wind in the Willows, The Grahamer, Kenneth     1140
Prince & the Pauper, The Twain, Mark     1160
Double Helix, The Watson, James     1220
The Midwife's Apprentice Cushman, Karen 96   1240
Gullivers Travels Swift, Jonathan     1330