Links to Educational sites

Math Worksheets Kids learning online
Aplusmath,  ws to do online, flash cards and games

Math goodies, online lessons:  percents, probability, integers, Circumference and more

Math Worksheets, make your own then print them out great for 1-5 and graph paper

Rick's Math Web, online ws k-12 -Counting, Operations, Percentages, Decimals and more
Here is a site on patterning lessons at Math Central. This is a free counting game that dings when you get the answers right. Estimation Destination (GRADES K-2) practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. Math Facts requires a fairly recent browser (e.g. IE 5+ or Netscape 6.2+) - it will not work with Netscape 4.7. fun math lessons

Figure this, use the index to find challenging problems by topic, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Numbers, Statistics

The Math Forum has EVERYTHING. This section includes puzzles, activities,
lesson plans (individual and collections), and FAQs for early elementary math.
Natural Math   Many creative games and exercises, some for kids as young as four.  There's a "Picture Function Machine," for example, and a collection of "Games
for Youngest Mathematicians."

Practice basic math skills and learn a little geography along the way. Ideas for teaching math   Has K-8 math problems and an interactive online worksheet with counter of correct, problems solved, time, and score. has interactive and printable math thru grade 8.  Site for Pre-Algebra and above.  Math lessons for grades 1-6 with a great ideas  (burnout in earlier grades,
teach them to use a calculator to check their own work)  Site claims help for K-12... my daughter uses it to help with algebra.  Felicia's Algebra site has explained parts of algebra to my daughter that she has not understood with all the other examples given...

Virtual manipulatives for math,  K-12, Numbers, Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis

Learn about numbers using pennies

Interactive math exercises for k-6 online manipulatives

American Mathematics Competitions, info about national competion, prep Hot Shot Business is a FREE online economics simulation for kids ages 9-14 sponsored by Disney Online.  Kids can choose to run a skateboard factory, a pet spa, or a comic book store.  Students will learn how to get financing for their "business", look at surveys of what customers want, prepare marketing campaigns, and learn to react to customers' demands and events in the news.  This is a fun way to learn economics

online game to learn about the stock market

learning HTML for Kids


Guide to Grammar & writing: put together by English professor of  Capital Com. College   get a daily grammar lesson sent right to your inbox! giving away the free printed materials.  It consists of two workbooks and one book of 15 tear apart readers

Book Adventure: a site where you can quize on the books you have read. Earn points for correct answers. 

Internet Children's Library,  find books from all over the world and read them online Learn to read

Learn to Read  General info on the process of learning to read (stages of reading,reading skills, etc.), plus research reports, reading organizations, interactive lessons, recommended books.  Kid's Net ambleside online, has a list of e books that you can get for free or a nominal charge. Simply scroll down the page and on the left side of the screen you will see the menu bar, click on the links and books lists,

Learn how to write a good paragraph step by step

Read along short stories with audio. Learn to read with starfall.  

From Harper books, explains how books are made, for young children

Basic Grammar  building vocabulary (1 wk free trial)

Distributed Proofreaders was founded in 2000 by Charles Franks to support the digitization of Public Domain books. Originally conceived to assist Project Gutenberg (PG), Distributed Proofreaders (DP) is now the main source of PG e-books. There are daily lesson plans, word of the day, crossword puzzle, and more at this site.

Girls penlpal club

sign language and autism

you can make kids custom bookmarkers on DLTK'S!
i made some for dr. seuss week, but there are lots to choose from and you can write the text.  - Recommended reading list for high school students who plan on going to college.

Take the Wizard's Challange:(Harry Potter) shakespeare

Other Languages

Flash cards online for learning numbers and other vocabulary in Spanish

Audio Forum  they have resources and teach-yourself courses for every language under the sun (103 of them, from Afrikaans to Zulu).  Varied materials, for a wide range of ages

Teach Me Tapes  these are introductory programs for ages 2-12, with
cassettes or CDs of songs, simple conversations and basic phrases, and a
foreign-language coloring book.

Play and Learn Chinese  (800) 765-5885    A language-learning video for young children: kids learn numbers, parts
of the body, family names, greetings, and so on through interactive songs and

Power-Glide  publishes excellent foreign-language programs for kids (ages 5-10 or so) and older kids/adults (11 and up); verythorough and nicely done. No Gaelic or Chinese, unfortunately. Choices are
Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, German, and Latin

Transparent Language has a nice Chinese program onCD-ROM ("Power Chinese"), but is recommended for ages 12 and up - looks like it would be too much for a 7-year-old beginner, but might be worth checking out.

Free online foreign language lessons, LOTS to choose from foreign language help


50states, a site where you can get data about all the states, 

enchantedlearning, printable maps from ALL OVER answers are online

Geography games: online games to learn current events, weather, facts and much more  US States Fast Facts & Trivia Additional State knowledge info

Animated atlas that shows the growth of the USA US State Capitals memory matching game - This is just an on-line game only - nothing to print out. (this one might take a little bit to download). Picture of US map (there is a link to click on to get a "State specific" as well. If you click on a specific state, you will also get all of that particular States FACTS such as NAME OF THE CAPITAL, POPULATION,TOTAL AREA, etc).

Flags of the World

aol geographyworld, site with lots of info maps, flags, MUCH more This is perfect for any of you teaching your kids about Japan.  this site isn't State Specific but it challenges your knowledge of where each state is.  You can also play this on-line game with other parts of the world.  To get there, you have to click on Geography Quiz Home after your done with The US States game (it's on the right side of the page, towards the bottom) OR ...   go to:
This is just an on-line game only - nothing to print out Red rock canyon hikes list

Teaching Help/Refrences

These 2 programs  are through the CCSD and are not considered Home Schooling,  If you are using either of these programs you are NOT required to fill out the notice of intent to homeschool paperwork.

Compass Learning Odyssey  K-8 Academy for individualized study.  799-8639 ext. 329 or

Virtual High School  Welcome to the Clark County School District's Virtual High
School. We offer students the choice of completing their high school
education through a variety of delivery methods. Students can
take courses at home via DVD's, Internet, television, and via
video tapes. Click on a link to learn more and register now  or call 855-8435  or email  for more info. 


Teaching ideas: 

Free forms for Homeschoolers: schedules, assessments etc.

HS planners Grade Recording Forms

Click here: Forms and Planners - The Parker Family  charts calendars and grade sheets free printable report card  report cards and transcripts

Bedtime stories online Cafi Cohen's site, help HSing teens  free used textbooks for $1 donation per book and shipping. yahoo group with books listed at discount prices, daily 

For those of you that use TV as a teaching tool and are into geography, this  year for the elementary school aged kids TLC is doing geography every Friday which thrills me cause it's right up our alley.  Here's the address:

Once again for those who like to use television as a learning tool now's the
time to send for the A & E and History Channel in the classroom's idea book, as it can take some time to get to you.  This is for the jr. high and high school aged kids          ,1876,35007-175687-38-58524,00.html                                                                          

SuperKids, educational software review.  has free educations tools:  Vocabulary builder, math ws, quotes of the day, logic games and more

 Homeschool super center, your one stop curriculum shop

The Link HS newspaper

Eclectic Homeschool online
LapTop Lunches- Waste Less, Spend Less, Eat Well

Homeschool SuperSearch - Filtered, Family-Friendly Search Engine for Teachers, Parents, Students, and Homeschoolers
  science suppliers ( this one actually sells chemicals, in small quantities)


Edhelper, ws for everything

A to Z teacher stuff, lesson plans for preK-12  and links

Schoolexpress, free worksheets to print or download. Subjects include: Math, Phonics, Science, Social Studies, Handwriting, Humane Education, History, Language Arts, and more

Homework for Kids, printable math worksheets for k-Algebra

Enchantedlearning, tons of printables: anatomy, astronomy, birds, Black HistoryMonth, Dinosaurs, Inventors, too many to list

abc teach,  many free ws reading, writing, theme units, research reports & more

Science 4th, ws based on the E.D.Hirsch books What your * Grader Should Know 5th, 6th

Geography ws based on the Hirsch books 4th 5th or 6th gr

World History ws based on the Hirsch books 4th 5th or 6th gr

Art ws based on the Hirsch books 4th and  5th 

Puzzle maker from Discovery school, crosswords, cryptogramps and much more

Handwriting for Kids, choose from a variety of different sized lined paper, or different words to practice., print dot to dots, crossword puzzles, wordsearches, bookmarks, coloring pages and more


Coloring printables

Kididdles, find the lyrics of all your favorite songs

Beethoven, largest collection of Beethoven midis, 

soyouwanna, learn about classical music, styles, composers, evolution of classical music music lessons online

Listen to classical music archives and see on the timeline where each composer lived in history

Online metronome sand art

General Science 

howstuffworks, great site for kids to explore and learn

Bad Science, a site that tells you about all the mistakes you are taught are correct

Molecular Expression, Science and you; is a science site that shows you how science relates to math using exponetial notation construction

Periodic table of elements online,  click on a symbol to find out more info about each element.

Time, keeping time and counting the days.  Learn about how its done now and through history.

Ask Dr Universe, You and the kids are going to have fun at this website sponsored by Washington State University! Dr. Universe is a cat who answers your questions about science

Try science experiments at

I thought this might be an interesting article and site.  They are using  2 liter soda bottles to distill water in Kenya, with remarkable  results.

Earth Science earth science pic. of the day  See what the weather is like in "your State" the day of the FAIR --OR--  day you start -vs- finish your project.

Map of Ca/Nv area earthquakes

Jason,  explanation of the Jason project with info. about joining the project,
The Wisconsin Paper council, learn about how paper is made, history, forestry,  pollutions prevention and games

Great Lakes Kids, a site for young kids learn how the Great Lakes were formed, environmental testing, pollution, wildlife, there's even activities and a colouring book

Great Lakes Environmental Atlas, for older kids, physical characteristics of the system  geology, climate, wetlands, groundwater, development; fishery, contaminants; lots more

Learn about recycling with EPA

Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment.

Earthscience resources

Ocean Adventure, dive into and Ocean, undergo a dive briefing and learn about hydrothermal vents.

Space Science

A good beginers astronomy site

Monthly astronomy lessons

Elastic water, in space and much more Nasa science;

Astronomy for kids. A great site for teachning/learning astronomy is Visit the site daily for a new picture from space each day. flight

science vocabulary for the middle to high school level, also games to learn elements and practice math Some really great and unique lesson plans:

Elementary School Science Resources
oral health science- download teacher's guide and CDROM file - order student book

Solar Flares effect Earth

NASA Core: CORE distributes multimedia educations materials at minimal cost. 

http://education.nasa,gov (get on the NASA mailing list)

Rocket Modeler http://www.grc.nasa,gov/WWW/k-12/airplane/rktlim.html  runs in your browser, FREE download

Engine Sim Free download http://www.grc.nasa,gov/WWW/K-12/Enginesim/index.htm

FoilSim Free download

This is from Sky and Telescope magazine.  From now until the end of the
month, five planets will be in the evening sky.  This website has graphics to help you find the planets. - - Our Solar System astronomy mag. for beginners         - StarChild:  a learning center for young astronomers - Eyes on the Sky:  hands on Astronomy activities for kids - Astronomy for kids - Astronomy for kids They have posted the new Bush space plans, a kids' page with information and games, the latest from Spirit, and much more.  Be sure to check out their "Educators" page. saturns rings                               

Another Mars lander missing.  The Beagle 2 presumably landed on Mars on Christmas Day and has not been heard from since: space refrence

Photos and information from/on the Hubble Space Telescope.

Life Science

See photos of hummingbird hatchlings

Online frog dissection 

build your own ant farm (another ant farm) and more

unit study on ants

preschool learning (water melons)  teachers lesson plans (coloring pg of watermelon) (watermelon ice) (watermelon muffins) Watermelon Sherbet Willy Watermelon Wonderful Watermelon Unit: is a free educational program designed to help your students better understand and appreciate the animals with whom we share our world.

Whalesong, listen to Whales, archived and live

Skulls, from the Cal. academy of sciences.  Learn about the makeup of skulls.

Life of the Forest

Middle School Science Resources
(1) Chemicals, the Environment and You: Explorations in Science and Human Health - (2) Understanding Alcohol: Investigations into Biology and Behavior (3) How You Brain Understands What Your Ears Hear --- each has student booklet to order, download teacher guide and CDROM file

High School Science Resources
(1) Cell Biology and Cancer - (2) Emerging and Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases - (3) Human Genetic Variation - (4) The Brain : Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction - (5) Sleep, Sleep Disorders, and Biological Rhythms --- each has student booklet to order, download teacher guide and CDROM file

Pigeon navigation


The top ten African American inventors, link to Schoolastic online activities   

Renaissance time period; learn about events, time period, people

Learn about Government with Ben for all ages K-12

Learning calendar search by date or topic

Egyptian studies

Map of 13 original colonies -
 Timeline, Early Colonial America to 1700s Take the daily history quiz.  This is not sent to your inbox; you must go to the site daily for the quizzes.

Gov/ Social Studies

MY OWN BUSINESS: A FREE INTERNET COURSE ON STARTING A BUSINESS. The elementary lesson is 5 weeks long, Jr High level 6-8 weeks long.  It requires 2 volunteers, and at least 12 kids.  JA teaches kids to become entrepreneurs, and fosters self esteem, and business skills. Unit study for NV

Just for Fun

Just for fun; site for rules for different marble games

Another site just for fun, rules for different games, including your board games that you lost the rules for Games Cabinet From the home page, go to the tabs at the top of the page and select "learn about stamps."  There are several links that discuss various topics on stamps.  Mystic also offers a free catalogue. movie reviews 


Places to buy curriculum : - Macmillan/McGraw-Hill site for teachers and parents - McGraw-Hill for homeschoolers - USBORN bookstore online


  New to Homeschool

 short  article about introversion giftedness 

Parents transitioning to Teaching

Homeschool learning Hyw, help for the new home schooler O'Reilly on homeschooling A collection of Gatto's writing: bright spots in HSing,  articles



Early yrs  preschool themes & activities

The first group are the best ones - the others are also very good:
site has matching rhyme pictures, great for preschool Over 70 activities for adding fun and a little umph to your daily lesson plan


Mrs. Alphabet   Everything alphabet (and more) - worksheets, games, puzzles, handwriting sheets, coloring sheets, letter-based lesson plans, links

FunBrain:  fun site to play games and learn, a variety of subjects for children under 6 to over 17  one of my favorites

Funschool:  another fun site to play games and learn there are also printables

kids Domain: site with games downloads, clipart, crafts and more

Learning Planet: another site with games for kids Prek- 6th

Educations 4 Kids: math, social studies, language and science

Kidscastle:  a site brought to you by Smithsonian Mag. science, animals, history, art and more

alfy, for kids 3-8 yrs

Kidport, k-8

national geographic, lots of life science

education place from Houghton Mifflin a site of games and lesson plans for the kids and teachers

kidsClick web search for kids by librarians

BLS Career information, site for kids to learn about different careers based on different interests

Secret World of the CIA, Go undercover at the Cia's Homepage for kids, learn the history and stories of the best spies,

Sparky the Fire Dog, Visit Sparky the fire dog and learn about fire engine parts and sounds.  Read the story of how he got his job. check out the index and look up what you're interested in flash card games online

Online field trips by Xcursion Central.  chose my subject or by grade level for an online learning experience merriam webster online word challenge   

Qualint, puzzles for states, capitals, science , history, holidays and more

Educational activities on DLTK

Have fun while you learn about many different topic including science, writing, and Japanese

More links from living and learning

Family fun , parenting, e-cards,

Eclectic Homeschool Online, links, downloadables weekly lesosns and more many different areas including computers A site for kids to learn and hang out

learn about math, health, science, technology, english, all through short movies

High school hub online learning center for high school students

Take advantage of the love of Harry Potter to teach kids.
 (One of these articles addresses witchcraft, not in a good or bad way, just a warning to those who limit their kids intake of things) Deviants School is a topic-based video series designed specifically for use in the classroom:

Destination Imagination is a program where small groups of kids form teams, work on team building skills (communication, respect of each other's ideas, working together) and then prepare for a challenge that they will present at the end of the school year. There are also instant challenges at the meet. If you have seen that PBS show, Zoom, you have seen the sort of instant challenges I'm talking about

Activities for learning with a North Pole theme

Virtual field trips, "Eliminating classroom walls.  Opening windows to our world. Go to:

This is the government website for kids and includes such topics as geography, USGS, history, government, careers, health, safety, plants and animals, and more.

website shows a great animation of one being born.

For those of you with kids' of the age to take the written driver's test, the handbook is now online.

NHN is also an affiliate with an online Drivers Ed Course, designed for NV.



New this month Updated 07-01-04 for homeschooled families all over the world to exchange postcards.
Click here: Keepers of the Wild - Exotic Animal Sanctuary and Retirement Center

Just wanted to let all know that in the format of Ebay, there is a
new auction listing for homeschoolers.  It's called

WONDERFUL sight to study Current events! have stuff designed just for homeschoolers, including class rings, diplomas, info on creating yearbooks, etc.   - Cool Science for Kids   - Science Made Simple:  Children's
science projects, simple science experiments & kids science questions answered    - Elf Owls     - Ninepipes Center for Wildlife
Research and Education
How do ducks float?  How do ducks eat without teeth?  And more…   - History for Kids   - Ben's Guide to U.S. government for kids

a cute recycling craft I found for milk jugs!

a better looking milk jug bunny!

Milk jug ball catchers.                                                              

Spying Spica as Spring Turns to Summer
Here's a site that will show you the time and date anywhere in the world:,1154,klvx-6-11,00.html KLVX's schedule    - UAMZ Feature
Creatures:  Raccooon     - Geocities:  Insights into
Raccoons and Raccoon Family


Chicago is sinking   - Elephants from around the world   - Facts about elephants    - A 3rd
Species of Elephant:  The African Forest Elephant   This site contains information on U.S. (government, population, history, etc)
and separate pages of information on individual states

World Pen Pals, A source of pen pals from all over the world.  For an application form, send a stamped self-addressed envelope to World Pen Pals 1694 Como Ave St. Paul, MN 55108

Skipping Stones, a Multiculural Children's Magazine, includes a penpals column in each issue, listing potentioal pen pals by country,  Annual subscriptions $25,  5 issues  Skipping Stones Box 3939 Eugene OR 97403 (541)342-4956

Letter Exchange, 36 pg magazine of pen pal listings published three times yearly Annual subscriptions (3issues) $20, single copies of magazine available by mail $9,  The Letter Exchange Box 6218 Albany, CA 94706

The Electric Postcard,  postcards.