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The HOMESCHOOL MELTING POT  was an INCLUSIVE support group open to all homeschoolers in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.  We value and respect our different educational philosophies as well as our diverse religious views and affiliations.  Because we have different backgrounds, we require acceptance (or at least polite toleration) of all members.  Our only rule is that we must remain a safe haven for ALL homeschoolers!  Our common ground is that we are all home educating, and we have children who just want to have some fun!   It is our hope that the Homeschool Melting Pot can serve a need here in Las Vegas for those wishing to belong to an inclusive  support group where different educational philosophies and diverse religious views and affiliations are valued and respected. 


We have voted to disband the group for various reasons.  It was wonderful when it was functioning the way it was meant. There were many problems.  Those of us in the group will miss it.  This web site remains as a place you can go to for links related to Home Schooling in Las Vegas, and just aides in general.  Check out the links and we hope you find something helpful.   Out of our ashes may a new and wonderful group emerge,  if so, the info will be posted here.